Detroit-area police are under fire for reportedly forcing black men to 'sing and make animal sounds.'
Motor City Muckraker screenshot

Photos and videos allegedly showing Detroit-area police officers harassing and humiliating African-American men have prompted an investigation and ignited a firestorm of controversy, the Daily Mail reports.

The images and video footage were reportedly shared between members of Grosse Pointe Park police and their families, the Mail says.

A former Detroit Free Press reporter released them Thursday on his blog after reportedly receiving them from an anonymous source.

The blogger, Steve Neavling, wrote in his Motor City Muckraker blog that most of the videos appeared to have been filmed from patrol cars, and that African Americans were ordered to sing or "dance like a chimp."

An image was also published of a man riding in a trailer, that an officer allegedly forwarded to others in a text that read: "Got to love the coloreds."


The Huffington Post reports that Neavling had access to more footage, but declined to publish it because of its "humiliating nature."

Several officers are alleged to have been involved in the demeaning videos, but the blog named only Mike Najm as an officer who may have taken some of the images and videos.

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