What's really going on? Des Moines, Iowa, police are investigating a series of attacks that occurred at the Iowa State fairgrounds over the weekend. At least three people were arrested Friday through early Monday morning. Other arrests may occur as officers investigate the incidents, officials said. There are indications that some of the fights — which appear to involve mostly teenagers and young adults — were racially motivated, police said. "We don't know if this was juveniles fighting or a group of kids singling out white citizens leaving the fairgrounds," Sgt. Lori Lavorato said. "It's all under investigation, but it's very possible it has racial overtones." A police officer reported that teens involved in the fight were openly referring to the night as "Beat Whitey Night." Really? We thought that state fairs were places for family fun, not for young people looking for an ax to grind. If the attacks were racially motivated, then it is truly pathetic and unacceptable.

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