Dems Hosts '#HaveHisBack' Tweet-Up for Obama

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images; Twitter

(The Root) — It's no coincidence that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Have His Back" Twitter meet-up is scheduled to coincide with the first full day of the Republican National Convention.

While the speeches in Tampa will undoubtedly slam the president, this campaign aims to deliver the opposite message by encouraging voters to re-elect Barack Obama and "have his back" — by voting not just for him but also for House Democratic candidates.


Scheduled for 2-2:30 p.m. EST today, it will use the hashtag #HavehisBack.

"House Republicans have one single goal: to make Barack Obama a one-term president," said Krystal Glass of the DCCC. "We're taking our Have his Back message to the voters on Twitter so everyone knows that to have President Obama's back, they need to vote for a Democratic Congress that will work with him, not the Republican Congress dead set against him."

The DCCC is partnering with the Congressional Black Caucus for the online event, so look for CBC members @KarenBassTweets, @Andre4Congress, @Gwen4Congress, @Fattah4Congress, @Rangel4Congress, @Eleanor4Congress, @ReElectHank, @FWilsonFor24, @EllisonCampaign, @JohnConyersJr, @Electdavidscott, and @Meeks4Congress to participate.

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