Demarjay Smith: ‘The Young Jamaican Trainer’ Gives the Best Motivational Speech of All Time

Demarjay Smith, the “young Jamaican trainer”
Demarjay Smith via Facebook

We're going to let y'all finish, but Demarjay Smith, 9, known in these internet streets as “the young Jamaican trainer,” has the best motivational speech of all time.

You may have seen this pint-size dynamo on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last year after his father posted a video of him that went Insta-viral and has gained over 1 million YouTube views to date. With shouts of "Ja Rastafari!"—you're already amped, right?—Demarjay led his friends through a brief workout session.


DeGeneres was so impressed with Demarjay that she introduced him to his hero Usain Bolt, and the pair had an epic race that sparked the hashtag #BoltvsDemarjay. Bolt told the world, "You'll been seeing this young Jamaican trainer Demarjay."

He was exactly right. In February, DeGeneres sent Demarjay to the NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto, where he interviewed celebrities and basketball players while continuing to gain new fans of his own along the way. Now he's back, and he's still about that action.


In a video posted two weeks ago that has been shared by celebrities such as 50 Cent and Jermaine Dupri, the “young Jamaican trainer” is on the basketball court with his brother holding shop and dropping science. And in about 60 seconds flat, he proceeds to make us all feel we can conquer the world, wine-up-me-waist, and get #SummerTime fine all at the same damn time:

Either you work hard for it, or you don't work hard for it. Well, me and my brother, we work hard for our stuff. It don't come easy. In life, you have to work. Either you want to be the shark of the ocean or the fish of the ocean…strength, no weakness!"


We're ready to sign up for his training sessions right now! Keep your eyes on this superstar. We're pretty sure we'll be seeing more and more of him in the near future.

Don't believe us? Just watch:

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