Debbie Allen Wants 'Different World' Remake

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Who wouldn't want to see the crew from Hilman College reunited and updated for 2012? If today's reality-heavy television and decidedly not positive (especially when it comes to images of black people) television offerings make you long for the days of A Different World, you're not alone.

As the program — once the No. 2-ranked show in African-American households — nears its 25th anniversary, Debbie Allen talks to Essence about how it's time to "recap the groundbreaking series."

"We need to revisit this wonder arena and get my crew back," she tweeted, adding that a show like it is "missed in TV today."

"Can I get an Amen?" she wrote. "I get enough amen's maybe Bill Cosby, Marcy, and Tom will let us put Hillman back on the block."

A Different World was a Cosby Show spinoff that aired on NBC from 1987 to 1993 and soon became the #2 ranked show in African-American households, according to the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Allen based most of the show on her days at Howard University.



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