Rihanna and an unidentified child (Instagram via Clutch magazine)

Rihanna's an old pro at sharing provocative photos on social media. But this time around, the Instagram image that's causing controversy doesn't have to do with nudity, drugs or even Chris Brown. It's a photo of the star with a baby on her lap. The caption: "My lil [n—ga]."


Not really.

We get it, we get it. The n-word and its variations don't always have hateful connotations. In fact, the word can be used in an affectionate way.


But until the original version of the word is 100 percent reclaimed and stripped of its disturbing history, can we not use it about toddlers who don't have any say in the matter, in forums that are made for public consumption?

Too much to ask? Yeah, we thought so.

Read more at Clutch magazine.

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