Dear Kiely, T.M.I.

Kiely Williams, formerly of The Cheetah Girls and 3LW
Kiely Williams, formerly of The Cheetah Girls and 3LW

I'm sure Kiely Williams is so glad to be done with the Cheetah Girls and 3 Little Women. I mean, who wants to be associated with a played out animal print, tweeny-bopper pop music and the Disney Channel for the rest of her life? (Sorry, Raven-Symone.)


So in celebration, Ms. Williams decided to show another side of herself in her latest video, "Spectacular." What better way to tell the whole world you're grown than by pretending to go out to the club dressed like a call girl, getting stupid drunk and having passionate, unprotected sex with a perfect stranger? A perfect stranger who may or may not have date raped you?

Oh yes she did. Check the lyrics:

You can say what you want but
You can call me a slut but
What he did to me last night felt so good
I must have been on drugs
I hope he used a rubber
Or I'mma be in trouble
Promise I don't remember
Except for rolling over

Okay, we hear you - the sex was spectacular! In fact it was so hot, you can barely remember it!

Really, girl? 

There’s a big difference between being grown n’ sexy and being young and dumb. Beyonce’s smart about her career - she flaunts her sexuality without looking like someone who needs an intervention. Even smarter, she blames any behavior that would get the side eye from Mathew and Tina on someone else.

In an era when teen pregnancy is so prevalent, it’s reality tv fodder, and black women are still contracting H.I.V. at an alarmingly fast rate, I find Williams’ choice to make the video a bit irresponsible. Especially for someone who has more than a handful of young women and girls who look up to her. But I keep forgetting – she’s grown.

Still, she could have at least made the brother hail her a cab the next morning. Even Sasha Fierce would do that.