Deadbeat Dad Who Fathered 23 Kids Gets Prison Time

Howard Veal fathered 23 children and hasn't paid child support.

Howard Veal, 44, of western Michigan will have two years to think about what it means to be a father. Veal is accused of fathering 23 children with 14 different women. He has been sentenced to two years in prison for failing to pay child support in the amount of $533,000. There are 14 cases pending against Veal. Upon sentencing, the judge stated, "Animals procreate. Human beings are supposed to nurture their children." That's an understatement. We're also wondering about the women having unprotected sex and children with Veal, who is obviously sexually, spiritually and financially irresponsible. Is there a sentence for that? Public humiliation, possible STD and no child support, we suppose. With parents like these, who needs enemies?

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