Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio (2nd L) with his wife, Chirlane McCray (2nd R), daughter, Chiara (L) and son, Dante (R)

The de Blasio family has made up its mind. Starting January, New York's first family will be living in the 214-year-old mayoral residence, Reuters reports.

According to the news site, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio announced the move on his website Wednesday. The residence is sure to be a big change from the Brooklyn, N.Y., apartment the family usually occupies.

"It's a tough decision. Brooklyn is our home, and Park Slope is our neighborhood. And we love these places. In many ways, they’ve come to define who we are," de Blasio said in the statement, citing logistical and security concerns as prompting the "practical choice."

The de Blasios had been debating the move for months. Their son, Dante, a student at Brooklyn Tech, didn’t like the idea, especially considering the commute from Manhattan to his school.

"Dante had that concern, and I had that concern for him, too, about his school. That wasn’t necessarily his firm and final vote, but that was a real concern we had to work through," de Blasio said earlier this month.


However, in the end, Gracie Mansion won, but that doesn’t mean the de Blasios are done with Brooklyn.

"Even while we move to Gracie Mansion for a spell, we'll be keeping our home in Brooklyn and stopping by our favorite spots like the Purity Diner and Bar Toto as often as we can. And don’t bet against seeing us at the Park Slope YMCA occasionally," the statement said.

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