Medical marijuana news out of DC. From The Washington Post

The District would have up to five medical marijuana dispensaries where seriously ill patients could go to obtain the drug from a licensed vendor under a bill proposed Tuesday by D.C. Council member David A. Catania.

Catania's proposal, which was co-sponsored by nine of 13 council members, is designed to implement a 1998 voter-approved initiative that called for the legalization of medical marijuana in the District.

After Initiative 59 was approved with 69 percent of the vote, the then-GOP-controlled Congress blocked it from being implemented. But the Democratic-controlled Congress removed those restrictions last month.

Under Catania's proposal, the District would have what he calls "a closed system to regulate the cultivation, distribution and possession of marijuana."


These dispensaries would be set up in DC neighborhoods which begs the question: Would you be comfortable with such dispensaries in your neighborhood?