Malik, Kahlil and Ahmad Jones 

Competition is sweet to the Jones triplets, who use their friendly rivalry to egg each other on and bring out the best in each other—a mindset that has landed them straight on the path toward an Ivy League education, NBC Washington reports.

Silver Spring, Md., residents Malik, Ahmad and Kahlil Jones are still deciding whether they want to attend Columbia University or the University of Pennsylvania.

All three hold steady to a 3.7 GPA at the Georgetown Day School and were points shy of one another's score on the SAT. It's all because they have one another, and their parents, to push themselves to do the best they possibly can.

"You can't let the other person be better than you because you don't want to be the worst one right?" Kahlil joked to NBC Washington.

"If one of them can accomplish something, then without a doubt I can definitely do it too," Malik added.


"The three of us together shine so much more brightly than the three of us separate," Ahmad said.

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