Alexis Wilson-Britten
Clayton County (Ga.) Police

A Georgia day care teacher is facing charges of battery after allegedly being caught on video kicking a 20-month-old toddler, WGCL reports.

Alexis Wilson-Britten, 22, was supposed to be fired the day she allegedly kicked the child, Kids R Kids Day Care owner Robert Phelps told the news station.


Apparently, the alleged incident was not the first in which Wilson-Britten’s judgment and actions had been called into question. According to Phelps, the teacher had once taped a pacifier to a toddler’s mouth to keep the child from crying.

However, Wilson-Britten's arrest stems from one of two alleged incidents involving the 20-month-old twin boys of another day care worker, Kimberly Johnson.

According to WGCL, Johnson said she picked up her sons Nov. 6 and noticed that one of them was behaving strangely. She asked Wilson-Britten if anything strange had happened that might have unsettled the young child, the news station reports. Johnson told the station that Wilson-Britten said the toddler might have been upset because the kids had left the playground early.

However, that night, Johnson told the station, the child began holding his arm as if it was hurting, prompting a trip to the doctor, who informed the child’s father that the arm was fractured.


It was only later that Johnson found out that the child had fallen on the playground and that Wilson-Britten never reported it to administrators, WGCL reported.

It was at that point that management started to watch Wilson-Britten more carefully by surveillance, according to the news station.


Johnson was later called back into the office by day care managers who, Johnson told the station, showed her a video of Wilson-Britten kicking her other son as he was trying to bring Wilson-Britten a toy.

Clayton County, Ga., police arrested Wilson-Britten the evening of Nov. 7, WGCL reports. Johnson is planning to pursue legal action, according to the news station.


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