Darth Chad Shows Everyone Why He Was Fired From Google

James Damore, a former software engineer at Google, explains to Bloomberg TV how “hurt” he was over his firing. (Bloomberg TV via YouTube screenshot)
James Damore, a former software engineer at Google, explains to Bloomberg TV how “hurt” he was over his firing. (Bloomberg TV via YouTube screenshot)

Disgraced ex-Googler and champion of white-straight-male mediocrity, James Damore, is back on his bullshit, this time to lament that people can’t call certain aspects of the Ku Klux Klan “cool.”


Damore, who was a software engineer at Google, first made headlines for writing an anti-diversity memo that was circulated around the company. The memo claimed, among other things, that women are biologically unsuited for tech jobs and that the gender pay gap is a myth (even though Google is currently fighting a lawsuit for reportedly paying women substantially less than men for comparable roles). It also railed against the company’s affirmative action initiatives, like workshops for women and employees of color.

Or, as this genius likes to call it, “discrimination.”

Damore got fired for the memo, and now appears to have plenty of free time to reflect on the decisions that led to his becoming a poster boy for entitled tech bros.


Or just to tweet about how cool the internal titles of the KKK are.

“The KKK is horrible and I don’t support them in any way, but,” wrote Damore, which was your first sign that some dumbassery was being loaded into the chamber. “Can we admit that their internal names are cool, e.g. ‘Grand Wizard’?”

According to the New York Daily News, the unemployed Kylo Ren look-alike also included a poll in the tweet, asking followers to weigh in on the statement with “Yes,” “No the names aren’t cool,” “No that’s racist” or “No, other.”


Ooof, tough one, James.

Then Darth Chad, presumably aggrieved at the torrent of abuse raining down on his mentions, followed up with this mind-bending mental-gymnastics routine.

Darth Chad, getting ready to flex on you hos

“You know you’ve moralized an issue,” Damore wrote (“issue” meaning racism), “when you can’t criticize its heroes or acknowledge any positive aspect of its villains,” adding, “If you make the actual KKK the only place where you can acknowledge the coolness of D&D terms, then you’ll just push people into the KKK.”


For the uninitiated, “D&D” stands for the board game Dungeons and Dragons. No, it has nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan, unless those assholes have game night or something.

If you slow it down, which you need to, because this shit stream of illogical thoughts comes at you just way too fast, I think what Damore is trying to say is that, not being able to say that the KKK is cool (or, at the very least, that their names are) forces ... more people to join the KKK.


What a fuego take! So blistering, so spicy, it surely fried a few of your brain cells.

Shame Google lost this brilliant mind. 🙏🏽

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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Mortal Dictata

And also look at the Nazis. They may have started one of the most deadly conflicts of all time and murdered millions in the gas chambers but can we not just admit their fashion sense was on point?

If you can’t disassociate the uniform the murderers wore from the murders you’re just going to push more people into becoming Nazis for the wardrobe.