Darrell Scott and Trump’s White House Want to Talk About Race; This Is a Horrible Idea

Former professional football player Jim Brown, former professional football player Ray Lewis and the Rev. Darrell Scott speak to reporters at Trump Tower in New York City on Dec. 13, 2016.
Former professional football player Jim Brown, former professional football player Ray Lewis and the Rev. Darrell Scott speak to reporters at Trump Tower in New York City on Dec. 13, 2016.
Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

On the heels of Kanye West’s full “Make America great again” rants, one of Donald Trump’s most prominent blacks and the conkiest-conk-to-ever-conk, Cleveland pastor Darrell Scott, has been kicking around the idea of having multiple summits on race that would include athletes and artists; and the White House is actually considering this.


According to Politico, Trump’s White House is really considering hosting a series of chats on race, and Scott is reportedly meeting with Trump to discuss the idea.

The race talks are still in the preliminary stages, and no dates have been set, but Scott is positive that the summits will happen.

“It’s going to be unscripted, unfiltered, blunt,” Scott told Politico. “No topic is off the table.”

So that means that Scott will openly discuss and answer questions about his hair-care techniques, which I assume involves Crisco and a wave brush.

Politico also noted that Scott works closely with Jared Kushner on prison reform; hopefully, this includes prison-cell specifications so that Kushner can get his cell adjusted to his liking.

Summit organizers are considering holding an athletes summit around mid-June, and the beginning of NFL training camp in late July, Scott told Politico.


And, of course, Scott noted that Trump’s newest “black,” Kanye West, would be in attendance. Damn, that sentence even hurt me. Come back, Ye!

Scott tossed around another black Trump supporter, former Cleveland Browns fullback Jim Brown, and noted that he planned to invite Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes and boxer Evander Holyfield.


Scott said that he hopes Trump’s opponents reach out to him to participate in the event, but added that many Trump detractors won’t attend the meetings because they are afraid to engage with the president directly.

“A lot of people have spunk and courage on Twitter,” Scott told Politico. “I wonder how many will actually show up.”


Scott added: “I want it to get heated. However, I want it to stay respectful. I don’t anticipate anybody throwing any blows.”

Scott is strongly overestimating Trump’s interest in black issues, which was evidenced around the time that Trump put Omarosa in charge of black voter outreach. Also, Scott is assuming that Kanye’s weight in the black community still holds, but currently that shit is dropping faster than a bitcoin sitting in a sandal sitting in quicksand.


Scott also believes that his president is willing to sit through confrontation, and he is not. Trump has gone almost a year without holding a press conference, and that’s for good reason: Trump is a known liar who literally lies whenever he opens his mouth. Trump doesn’t do well in unscripted, impromptu situations.

Also, Scott strongly believes a position that most blacks don’t hold, which is that Trump actually gives a shit about black people. He doesn’t. In fact, I’d argue that he only tolerates the blacks who like him and uses them for the purpose of gain. Blacks are merely pieces in his game of checkers; Trump has no idea how to play chess.


Scott did acknowledge that the goal of the summits would be to bring “understanding, a lessening of hostility, a truce, a peace accord,” Politico reports. He added: “This might be harder to do than the Korean talks.”

Uhh, yeah, mostly because the Wakandian-born blacks don’t really fuck with y’all, but good luck pushing for it because we all know this is a bad idea that won’t ever get off the ground.

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Ok, but the real question here is how is he making money off talking about this? Because we know this shit isn’t actually happening, so what’s the scam?

It’d be funny if it did though. What crazy shit would Kanye pull so he stands out at the coon convention? Will the attendees eat Melania’s soul food with straight face? Will Omarosa manage to sneak all the way in before the SS goes all Uncle Phil on her ass? How long will it take Hollyfield to forget where he is, and why he’s there?