Clinton is used to being a star on Capitol Hill, as yesterday was no exception and she began to lay out her vision and that of her president. She talked about engaging Iran, and not dealing with Hamas. She even, according to the New York Times, “struck a sharper tone toward Israel on violence in the Middle East.”

The entire event was pretty anticlimatic, since she said nothing unexpected and was asked no especially probing questions. She bored Howie Kurtz, and Dana Milbank said the Senate had altered it role from one of “advise and consent” to “admire and congratulate.” In an particularly non-congratulatory mood, Chris Hitchens continues to fulminate about when she is terrible for the job. The nominee, for her part promised high-energy American diplomacy. “I assure you that, if I am confirmed, the State Department will be firing on all cylinders to provide forward-looking, sustained diplomacy in every part of the world,” she said.