Jemele Hill of The Herd on ESPN (YouTube)
Jemele Hill of The Herd on ESPN (YouTube)

When ESPN sports anchor Jemele Hill tweeted a piece of hate mail from a viewer who enumerated the things about her (namely, her race and gender) that made him want to "puke," his hateful language had that very effect on many who read it.


From Popular Critic:

ESPN received yet another racist letter about Hill after she appeared on Colin Cowherd's show "The Herd."

The author of the hate mail called Hill an extensive list of derogatory names and even stated that she needed to be taken off the air before she "back-slides into some Ebonics-laden inarticulate mumbo jumbo tirade."

" … I don't like women broadcasters to begin with, yet alone b***h 'Jungle-Bunnies,' " the hate mail read.


Being ever so creative with the racial slurs, the author of the hate mail also referred to Hill as a "spear-chucker" and a "thick-lipped gorilla."

There's plenty to poke fun at about the letter. How did "She doesn't even like golf" even fit the theme? Why was the author watching ESPN for two days straight at work, and why did he feel the need to call himself out? Was he fretting so much about Hill's ability to speak the "King's English" that he forgot an apostrophe?

The worst part, though, is that the sentiments contained in the rant were nothing new for the African-American female anchor. Hill, who initially tweeted that the writer had pulled off the "hat trick of racial slurs," told Poynter on Monday that her initial response was "laughter."

"I don't want to downplay the seriousness of it," she added, "but I'm called something derogatory on a daily basis … But that's usually via email or Twitter. The fact that this occurred through snail mail makes it unique."


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