CNN (via Mediaite)
CNN (via Mediaite)

Tea Party Express Chair Amy Kremer's tweet, "Huge difference between @MittRomney & @BarackObama is tht Mitt luvs America! We need a president that luvs this country! #RNC2012 #GOP2012" inspired a conversation on CNN's Starting Point in which Soledad O'Brien attempted to get clarity on what was really meant by that assertion about the president.


Spoiler alert: It was not a productive exchange. From Mediaite:

Fellow panelist Mayor Michael Nutter then noted that Romney "has also taken over companies and put people out of work. at the expense of losing jobs and making money for himself and for his investors. If you're going to tell one side of the story, tell the other side."

"I just never understand what any of that has to do with loving the nation," said O'Brien. "Honestly, I always feel like that's a code word for something else."

"[W]hat is the basis for questioning the President's love for this country? How can you say that?" said Nutter

"I just don't believe that he loves America the way that we do," Kremer replied.

"Based on what?" asked Nutter. "We who?"

"He is more about one world," Kremer repeated, adding that she didn't know how to further explain it.


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