What's worse than racist treatment on the job? Being disciplined or even fired for bringing it up. But that, according to the National Black Police Association, is what's happening to the United Kingdom's black and Asian officers, the BBC reports. Apparently those who complain about discriminatory treatment have been labeled "troublemakers," but a new report should help get to the bottom of who's really causing problems within the force:

Speaking to Radio 4's File on 4 programme, President of the NBPA Charles Critchlow said:

"I think the worst aspect is it appears that even senior officers are prepared to use instruments within the service, for example the disciplinary process, to put pressure on these officers and ultimately force them out of the organisation and that's something that we're very, very concerned about."

He added: "I think there still exists within the police service a pattern of behaviour where officers, particularly junior officers, who make a complaint or challenge inappropriate behaviour - particularly if it's got anything to do with race - seem to be labelled as troublemakers."

The BBC has also seen an internal draft report, which shows police disciplinary procedures being used disproportionately against black and Asian officers in some forces.


Read more at the BBC.

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