The only thing more disturbing than Australian model Ellen Musk's recent Facebook posts calling indigenous Australians "c—ns" and "n—gers" is her clueless reaction to the backlash against them.

The 18-year-old told the Northern Territory News newspaper, "People think that I am a horrible racist person, but everybody is racist in some way or another."


She then explained that she was referring to indigenous neighbors who kept her awake late at night. "I don't have anything against indigenous people unless they're rude or carry on like that," she added.

So, you don't have anything against them, but the first things that come to mind to express your frustration with their actions are racial slurs? If you say so. We're wondering whether this sounds any less ridiculous Down Under than it does here. Equally wrongheaded is her understanding of the impact of social networking. "I didn't think I was going to offend anybody, she said. "I was just posting on my own Facebook page."


Since Musk's remarks became public, she has been banned from appearing as a grid girl at an off-road racing event.

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