Crazy Talk: Marion Barry on DC Police

Marion Barry (Getty Images)

Here's the latest from the former District of Columbia mayor and current Democratic councilmember, who has recently managed to offend Asian business owners, nurses from the Philippines and Polish people.

He has now attacked the physical fitness of members of the Metropolitan Police Department, in characteristically undiplomatic language, in comments made to WJLA-TV/ABC7 after he witnessed a "rather plump" officer chasing a suspect. The Huffington Post reports:

"Get in the gym, go on a diet," he said, according to the news station, which said that Barry has called on MPD Chief Cathy Lanier "to start a rigorous training program for these police officers to get in shape, because these guys will outrun you every time."

Lanier fired back, saying that Barry's comments disparaged officers who put their lives on the line daily. 


Read more at the Huffington Post.

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