Shanae Lewis' receipt (The Huffington Post)

Last month, a black California man was shocked to find the terms "Mc Stinkyn—ger" and "McNigsh—" in the place where his name should have appeared on a receipt from his local steakhouse. This week, the Huffington Post reports that a Maryland Radio Shack employee has allegedly used a receipt from his store to express what we can only guess is a similar sentiment. Shanae Lewis of Baltimore found she'd been nicknamed "ugly itch" from "Ghettohood, USA, Tattoville," on her receipt for the purchase of a cassette adapter for her car at the Montgomery County store.

From the Huffington Post:

The salesman reportedly claimed he was only kidding, but Lewis was, and remains, unamused.

"I was shocked more so than anything, and then I became angry," she told WUSA-TV.

At first, she tried to complain to the store manager, who reportedly wanted nothing to do with her complaint, so Lewis contacted Radio Shack’s corporate office about the ordeal hopes the associate will be fired, WTVR reported.

A RadioShack official told WUSA that after seeing the story, it took "the strongest possible disciplinary actions," but did not specify what they were.

In an email response to the station, RadioShack wrote: "Based on descriptions we've seen in the media, this incident obviously does not meet RadioShack's expectations for customer service."


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