White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., on Feb. 23, 2017 (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Looks like the Conservative Political Action Conference, unlike the current administration, is not here for the “alt-right” and all their racist bullshit.

According to the Washington Post, one of the first speeches made at CPAC this year was one that asked the media to stop referring to the “alt-right,” aka white supremacy, as a conservative group, and even went so far as to boot a leader of the movement out of the event.

“There is a sinister organization that is trying to worm its way into our ranks,” Dan Schneider, the executive director of the American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC, said, the Post reports. “We must not be deceived by [a] hateful, left-wing fascist group.”

“They hate the Constitution. They hate free markets. They hate pluralism,” Schneider said. “Fascists tend to want big government control.”


The Post notes that a few people, including Richard Spencer, who popularized the term “alt-right,” stood up and left the opening ceremony. Spencer, who went viral after he was caught during a National Policy Institute conference in Washington, D.C., shouting, “Hail Trump, hail victory, hail our people,” was essentially asked off the property by a security guard.

All of this feels like a joke. Really, conservatism-ism? Really, Republicans? Stop. Stappphhhh! And shut up. You conservatives are so in bed with the “alt-right” that you carpool to work in the morning. You two share pancakes at IHOP. You two have wrapped your arms around each other while drinking Champagne. You might not be dating, but you both swiped right and now you’re fucking. And we all know it, so kill it with the “We don’t kick it with the alt-right” bullshit.


Wu-Tang couldn’t drop Ghostface Killah from its history because he’s embedded in the group the same way conservatives are embedded with the “alt-right.” Y’all may rap different verses, but y’all wear the same buttery leathers and dyed Wallabees, so just own it.

Kicking Richard Spencer out of an event doesn’t absolve you of your racist past, and claiming that the “alt-right” subscribes to a political position that you don’t hold doesn’t disconnect you from it, but I hear you.


Now, let’s see if you kick out Kellyanne Conway or Steve Bannon or Mike Pence.

Yeah, I didn’t think so.