Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones, left, talks with wide receiver Dez Bryant, right, on the field before a NFL football game against the New York Giants Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012, in Arlington, Texas.
Photo: Tony Gutierrez (AP Images)

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry “Toes on the Line” Jones and former Cowboys wide receiver Dez “Burner Account” Bryant appear to have made up while enjoying the performance of another power couple.

A photo of Bryant and Jones is going viral and it reportedly shows the two enjoying Beyoncè and Jay Z’s On The Run II Tour at his former place of employment, AT&T Stadium.


Bryant’s release made news not only because he was unceremoniously dismissed by the Cowboys, but because he’s been busy since becoming unemployed. He’s been actively bashing the Cowboys coaching staff on Twitter and even called out some of Jones’ decisionmaking in letting go of kicker Dan Bailey. He also called out Fox Sports talking head Skip Bayless and may be running a burner account on Twitter.

While many are reading into the photo assuming that the unemployed Bryant may be trying to make nice with his former boss to secure employment, the image of Jones and Bryant at the OTRII tour only proves one thing:

Anyone will go with anyone to see Beyoncè ... and the old man that she is married to.

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