Johnson was charged with disorderly conduct and hindering police before a judges dismissed the charges in June.


One could only assume that the Scottsdale and Mesa Police Departments both believe punching a suspect in the face is a justifiable way to get people to sit down. Local prosecutors apparently agree because the Maricopa County Attorneys office stands behind the findings of the Scottsdale investigation.

“The video flatly contradicts the self-serving accounts of the police officers involved,” said Benjamin Taylor, Johnson’s attorney. “The use of government violence against cooperating citizens, who have committed no crime and who pose no threat, is a crime without justification or legal authorization.”


Other hits by the Mesa Police Department include video of cops putting a boot on the neck of an already-handcuffed 15-year-old and officers mocking a man lying in his own blood after being repeatedly punched in the face by Mesa officers. (Or, as they call it in Arizona, the “sit down technique.”)

Maybe, instead of suing, someone should use these exact methods and to offer the men and women of the Mesa Police Departments several seats.