Steven Pratt

A New Jersey man is back behind bars after allegedly killing his own mother—two days after completing a 30-year prison sentence for another murder, reports.

According to the report, Steven Pratt, 45, was taken into custody on Sunday, not even 48 hours after he was released from Bayside State Prison for the 1984 murder of his neighbor Michael Anderson, for which the then-teen was tried as an adult.


Records of that incident detail an argument that took place between Pratt and Anderson because Pratt and some friends were in a hallway making noise and refused to go away. A scuffle with a lead pipe ensued, during which Anderson took the pipe from Pratt and hit him in the face. Pratt left, borrowed a firearm and returned with it, shooting Anderson.

Pratt is now being held on a $1 million bond for the murder of his own mother, 64-year-old Gwendolyn Pratt, who was found dead in her home from reported blunt trauma to her head. Apparently the killing took place shortly after a welcome-home party for Pratt.