Let our next greatest achievement be realizing the dream of full equality for all of us ...

- Human Rights Campaign President, Alphonso David, as reported by Maiysha Kai -


Conspiracy Theory: Jay-Z, Illuminati Agent?

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Conspiracy theory: Jay-Z, Illuminati agent: Slate's Jonathan Weiner reports that conspiracy theories about the secret society go all the way to the top … of the charts: "Jay-Z? An 'Illuminati puppet.' Lady Gaga? An 'Illuminati whore.' Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, Rihanna — Illuminati agents all. (Michael Jackson and 2Pac, it turns out, were victims of Illuminati-ordered assassination.)" Is the music not entertaining enough? Where do people come up with this stuff?


Somalia's famine is ending: Why isn't anyone celebrating? The improvement in the famine follows a break in the region's deadly drought and progress in the U.N.'s ability to deliver food to the country's poorest people. Things are looking up. Foreign Policy magazine wants to know why no one has declared victory.

Bronx groom commits suicide hours after wedding: In a sad story that has sparked a debate between those who are sympathetic toward his mental state and others who think he committed the ultimate selfish act, a Bronx, N.Y., man hurled himself into the Harlem River just hours after saying his vows.


Bill targets airline fees for checked baggage: Too much carry-on luggage toted by other passengers recently emerged as the number one complaint of air travelers, and with the Thanksgiving travel crush under way, Congress might consider limiting the bag fees that airlines can charge, the Washington Post reports.

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