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Conservative Radio Show Cancelled After Host Wishes a ‘Nice School Shooting’ Would Replace Impeachment Coverage

Conservative radio hosts Julie Hayden and Chuck Bonniwell.
Conservative radio hosts Julie Hayden and Chuck Bonniwell.
Image: 710KNUS

Some people live to say stupid things.

Take shock jock Chuck Bonniwell, for example. He just got his ass fired and his Denver-based show canceled for this reprehensible remark, per CNN:

The host, Chuck Bonniwell, was opening a segment of the “Chuck and Julie” show Tuesday afternoon when he said they would be discussing the “never-ending impeachment of Donald Trump,” according to audio obtained by the Colorado Times Recorder.

His wife, co-host Julie Hayden laughed before Bonniwell added, “You know, you wish for a nice school shooting to interrupt the (monotony).”

“No, no, don’t even say that, no, don’t even say that,” Hayden said. “Don’t call us. Chuck didn’t say that.”

Bonniwell immediately said “which, no one would be hurt.”

Feel free to listen to it yourself here (it begins at the 1:30 mark):


Look, I’m Trumped out like everyone else, but considering there have been more than 40 school shootings this year alone, the last thing any of us needs to hear about is more bullets tearing through another classroom.

Plenty of other people expressed similar sentiments once news of Bonniwell’s abhorrent remarks began to circulate.


In response, radio station 710 KNUS issued an official statement on their website and pulled the plug on the show.


Since I’m fresh out of confetti, I believe the best way to celebrate Bonniwell’s dismissal is to share this clip of Auntie Maxine tearing Tangerine Mussolini a new asshole prior to Wednesday night’s historic impeachment vote. Consider yourself blessed.

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In additional “Whoa, sh*t just got REAL” for conservatives....Christianity Today (prominent evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham) just put out an editorial that stated that Trump should be removed from office.

The evangelical MAGAts are going to have smoke coming out of their ears with all the conflicting commands destroying their limited capacity processors.

Franklin Graham, a major Trump shill, is Billy Graham’s son.  So...I assume/hope his head has already exploded.