Sir Mix-a-Lot and Rep. Jim McDermott

Earlier this month, 76-year-old Jim McDermott, one of the older members of the House of Representatives, attended (and by reports, enjoyed) his first Sir Mix-a-Lot concert, Roll Call reports.

The Democrat, who represents Washington state, was first introduced to the rapper, a Seattle native, through late-night comedian Stephen Colbert.

“Congressman, do you like big butts?” Colbert jokingly asked in the September interview. Needless to say, McDermott was a bit confused.

However, he later became curious and went to a Nov. 2 concert to see what he was missing out on.

“It was interesting. But it was a bit loud for his tastes,” McDermott’s spokesperson told Roll Call. According to the aide, the congressman thought that Mix-a-Lot was “very nice.”


Still though, it wasn’t enough to convert the jazz and folk rock fan into a full-fledged rap aficionado. According to Roll Call, the aide hinted that the congressman would be sticking to his personal favorites like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

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