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The Congressional Black Caucus will honor Whitney Houston with a resolution that will be sent to the family in time for her funeral on Saturday, Jennifer Bendery of the Huffington Post reports.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), chairman of the caucus, says that the resolution, which does not require a vote, will come directly from the CBC, Bendery reports. At the family’s request, the document will be signed by all caucus members.

"It will probably look pretty official. Like you can buy downstairs," Cleaver told The Huffington Post, apparently referring to decorative documents sold in the basement of the Capitol complex. "I mean, it's not going to be shabbily sent to the family."

Cleaver said Houston's family asked that the caucus send something for the funeral. A spokeswoman for the caucus said later that the resolution would be read aloud at the service.


The CBC chairman said he opted not to file an official resolution that would get a House vote because "very little is done around here" and he didn't think there was time before the funeral. He also suggested it would be inappropriate to bring such a resolution to the House floor.

"No family deserves to have a debate over whether or not a deceased loved one should be honored," Cleaver said.


Houston would be honored by the thought. The story also cites a more formal measure that will be presented to congressional leaders for a vote. Whether or not it is ultimately passed, we are sure that Houston would also be honored by the effort.

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