Congress Doesn’t Give AF About America

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Here is where we are: America is drowning in a sea of despair and Congress is holding all the life jackets. Instead of reaching a stimulus compromise that would help some stay afloat, they are going on Thanksgiving vacation while, in Texas, many are forced to join miles long food lines just to have something to put on the table.


Which brings me to this: Congress doesn’t give a fuck about America.

How could they, when they know that, at this point, Americans are suffering and they’ve done little to almost nothing to make this better. As it stands: 11.1 million people (pdf) are unemployed; some 250,000 people have died from the coronavirus; without the additional $600 a week as a part of the original coronavirus stimulus, families in states like Mississippi are forced to make $217 a week stretch. And without a new stimulus bill in the works that both sides can agree on, America has only received a funky-ass few thousand dollars (and that’s if you have children) since the coronavirus came through and shut shit down. And now with the winter here and the coronavirus set to come through and crush the buildings, punk-ass Congress is going on vacation again.

Here’s how Axios put it: “This failure was disheartening in May. It was frustrating in August. It was maddening earlier this month.”

And, since there seems to be some speculation in the comments as to which side I’m on, let me say this: I’m on the side of right. I’m on the side that does the best for the people of America. I’m on the side that believes in taking care of the most vulnerable at the most vulnerable of times.

Also, let me add, fuck Senate Majority Leader Mitch-ass Mitch McConnell and also fuck dolphin-clapping Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. I was with Pelosi when she passed her $3.2 trillion bill in the House in May. I was with her when she kept applying pressure on Mitch, old, swollen neck-ass, to pass the bill, which he never even brought to a vote on the Senate floor. I was with her when she wanted to stand strong for the bill. But politics got in the way of the people, and Pelosi got argumentative when pressed on why she wouldn’t accept a smaller stimulus proposal by Republicans.

Pelosi was bitter, and mad and standing on principle, and I can tell you this as someone who has gone hungry on many nights as a teen: a honeybun on the table now beats the promise of a steak tomorrow.


Don’t get me wrong, the grossly incompetent president created this mess, and McConnell and his crew have always been trash. But what we have here is an impasse, or as Wolf Blitzer (This nigga is named Wolf? Wolf! And y’all still aint got nothing?) put it, “Don’t let perfect become the enemy of good.”

More people are dying, businesses are closing, more people are losing their jobs and the people need help and relief. And here we are going on another month with nothing. Mitch McConnell and his crew are fuckwads. They always have been. There is nothing new there. But the inability to work with them is starting to make Pelosi look like she’s holding out for something that is never going to come. Pelosi believes she has leverage by blaming America’s instability on the Republican Party, but the current election proved that is a lie. She has no leverage because she’s forgotten something I learned while out on the streets: You can’t argue with a nigga that doesn’t give a fuck. Republicans don’t care who dies. They don’t care who is going hungry or losing their jobs, and guess what? Their homeless, hungry, constituents don’t either. At this point, a deal, any deal, needs to be made because America can’t wait until February for something to give.


Congress needs to act now before we have to stand in line for bread, I mean, shit, we are already halfway there.

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Pelosi was bitter, and mad and standing on principle, and I can tell you this as someone who has gone hungry on many nights as a teen: a honeybun on the table now beats the promise of a steak tomorrow.

Do you believe that companies that endanger their employees during COVID should be protected from lawsuits? We’ve just learned that Tyson executives forced people back to work, didn’t protect them or test them, then proceeded to create a betting pool on how many employees would get sick. Do you believe Tyson should be immune from lawsuits for that behavior? Because that’s what was in that bill Pelosi rejected. That’s the only thing Mitch McConnell cares about in a COVID bill and it should absolutely be a dealbreaker.

This isn’t about honeybun today vs. steak tomorrow. It’s about how millions of Americans need to be able to get restitution for being treated as if they were disposable. It’s about people who had to bury loved ones because they were subjected to toxic working conditions being able to sue for wrongful death.

A whole lot of progressives were screaming at Pelosi to accept that shitty bill because they only heard the dollar amount and didn’t give a shit about what was in it. Congratulations you were clamoring for giving corporations a free pass and throwing workers under the bus.