Confessions of an Angry Black Woman


Writing in Ebony's "The Lovers Rocque" column, one woman reflects on what she's learned from her husband's cool temperament.

I'm laid back most of the time, but I can be a hothead too. Usually when I have moments it's when people do rude things, which is often. A good example? One time Mr. Rocque and I were flying back to Chicago from visiting our old hometown and not only was our flight delayed, the time also kept getting pushed back every few minutes. Information ranged from nonexistent to all over the place and they kept changing gates but not announcing the shift. I was obviously annoyed.

We decided to go to an information desk and approached just as two women were having a conversation about how they hated their job and didn't like dealing with some of the customers they came across. One: It's unprofessional to be at work, no matter where you work, speaking about how you don't like the place and its customers. Two: That's not my problem. Three: Get a new job that you like. Four: Again, the fact that you hate your job is not my problem. You get the idea.

So, we approached as this ratchet conversation was taking place and they continued talking as if we weren't there. One woman left, and the other didn't even acknowledge us. Instead, she looked down and started working on something else. Hubby is always patient and diplomatic, sometimes to a fault. I am oft amazed at how far his limits can be pushed when it comes to dealing with rude behavior. I waited five more seconds and still got no acknowledgment for my simple question so, I blurted, “Is this where we can find out information about flight X?!”

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