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A maintenance worker discovered four Confederate battle flags on the grounds of the Ebenezer Baptist Church—a national historic site that includes the new church, the original historic church were Martin Luther King Jr. preached and his boyhood home—near the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta early Thursday morning, the Associated Press reports.

The flags were discovered around 6 a.m., and the worker notified the National Park Service.


"Our grounds men were so upset, they took pictures and then they moved them," the Rev. Shannon Jones of Ebenezer Baptist said, according to AP. Workers were later told that the flags should be treated as evidence and not handled.

It is not known who put the flags on the grounds, but there is at least one security camera in the area that is being reviewed, AP notes. A conference about the role of black churches in social justice has been taking place at Ebenezer, Jones said.

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