Committee-less Racist Congressman Steve King Tweets Fake MLK Quote

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Image: Iowa Congressman Steve King (Getty Images)

Racist Republican Congressman Steve King, no doubt perturbed by the national holiday honoring a black man whose charisma and acclaim eclipses his own even from beyond the grave. King, the also-ran congressman from Iowa who shares his last name with a black family of actual import, took time out of his busy day of zero committee assignments to honor the man whose name he’s managed to sully by sheer virtue of his continued presence in American politics.


“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life for all,” said King, a man so racist as to defy even the mainstream media’s long-running history of hedging on racism in its headlines. “Today, I think of this MLK quote, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

The problem with King’s tweet? Beyond the skeleton in his avi, King misquoted MLK.

Because MLK never said that wack shit.

Twitter, for its part, had no shortage of time for King’s bullshit.


Still, readers shouldn’t feed too bad for Iowa’s J4rd-place kneecap lookalike (citation needed), as he did come away with some valuable advice:

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Mercenary Chef

That Clippy, though.

Seriously, the only way he could have dug himself any fucking deeper is if he had tried to use the ‘White Moderates’ quote as a way to sell himself as a better candidate than whatever centrist douche that might run against him in the future.