Comic-Industry Rep: Market Won't Support Black Comic Book Characters

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In an interview with Racialicious' Arturo R. Garcia, Marvel Comics veteran Tom Brevoort made controversial comments when asked about the idea of an all-black lineup for an Avengers series, saying it wouldn't make sense.  


"I think there's something very specific about what 'Avengers' means to the Marvel Universe. They're the varsity. They're the A-list. They're the man. They're not about being superheroes because of demographics or ethnicity. They stand for something specific and occupy a certain role. If you don't have some degree of that, then it doesn't feel like Avengers.”

On Twitter, Brevoort cited less-enlightened times for the reason that there is a lack of nonwhite characters in comics today. Garcia rebutted the idea, saying:

"What Brevoort doesn't mention is that a comic book company is perfectly suited to run a course correction on whatever attitudes came from those 'less-enlightened times,' because it deals with universes and characters of its own creation. […] When it comes to diversity, it appears the 'contrivances' appear when they're most convenient for the comics industry, as it does for so many others: There's not enough qualified candidates; the market won't support it; that's not our job."

Garcia is right — what happened then doesn't need to happen now. Black people no longer drink out of "colored only" fountains; nor are we forced to sit in the back of the bus. To say "this is the way we've always done it" is pure BS. Brevoort and his buddies are just making pathetic excuses for why they refuse to diversify their comic books, and coincidentally, these are the excuses that folks in all forms of media make when it comes to diversity. Eventually they'll all be forced to face the music. 

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