Why did he make a music video including her?

Hell, Jenner recently joined Tyga in Jamaica, where he shot a video for “1 of 1.” You would think, for someone purportedly so concerned about how folks view his art in the wake of his celebrity, that he’d keep any member of that family far, far away from his professional life. That would be too much like right, though.


Instead, he’s still talking about it and still exploiting the reportedly dead relationship for attention. I’ve long been irritated by how the media handled Tyga’s relationship with Kylie. Not enough outlets questioned why a very grown adult man was dating a teenage girl—opting instead to romanticize and further normalize their relationship.

And just when we think we’re done with these two as a couple, Kylie is back to teasing them being an item across social media. If they are back together, he didn’t think to tell her to chill? Heaven forbid. But, you know, we’re supposed to believe his complaints about the attention he gets despite all signs suggesting he pursued it. No thank you. In fact, while I hate that Olivia Benson never got to toss him into the abyss, Tyga should feel free to jump crotch-first into it. Ugh. LEAVE US ALONE.


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