Colin Kaepernick Proves He's the Blackest Athlete in Professional Sports

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is continuing his protest despite having earned the starting position with the San Francisco 49ers. Despite two losing efforts, the quarterback is also continuing to earn his place in the Afro Hall of Fame for having a perfectly coiffed mane.

During his postgame press conference Sunday, Kaepernick sported not only a superb Afro but also a Black Panther Party T-shirt. This month marks the 50-year anniversary of the organization's inception, a moment that was not lost on Kaepernick.


There are nine games left in the 49ers’ season, and there's no word on whether or not Kaepernick will start them all. Kaepernick and teammates Eric Reid and Eli Harold have continued their protest against the over-policing of African-American communities during the national anthem, proving that Kaepernick is more concerned about equal rights for black folks than he is about football.

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