Coincidence? Donald Trump Takes Trip and Saudi Arabia, UAE Donate $100,000,000 to Fund Backed by Ivanka

Donald Trump with his daughter Ivanka Trump (Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)
Donald Trump with his daughter Ivanka Trump (Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

The White House has assured America, almost a million times now, that there is no collusion between White House officials and those seeking favor with the president. Sure, President TrumPutin hired all of his close friends and family to essentially run the White House, and yes, they have private interests that could be used to curry favor with the White House, but White House officials have assured the American public that this isn’t the case.


So about a month ago, when Ivanka Trump, aka Lil’ Trumpet, announced that she was going to create a new initiative to “benefit female entrepreneurs around the globe,” many were skeptical of which ethical code this would violate. Since her father was voted into office, Ivanka has not only had a strong presence in the White House but has basically Brother Man-from-the-fifth-floor-ed her way into meetings with heads of state.

Now she’s going to be collecting money from international donors for her new initiative, and no one in the White House thinks this is weird?

On Saturday, President TrumPutin visited Saudi Arabia, and guess whose project received a generous donation to the tune of $100 million? Yep, Ivanka. Sure, the money goes to the fund’s handlers at the World Bank, but at the very least, this creates a clear conflict of interest.

As NPR reports:

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will donate a combined $100 million to a World Bank fund for women entrepreneurs that was the brainchild of Ivanka Trump.

The announcement by World Bank President Jim Young Kim came during a visit to Saudi Arabia by President Trump, who was accompanied by his wife, Melania, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

According to MSNBC, it was just last year that TrumPutin was talking mad shit about the Clinton Foundation after it collected contributions from Saudi Arabia, which he noted wants “women as slaves” and to “kill gays.” He added at the time, “Hillary must return all money from such countries!”

“The American president’s daughter has an office in the West Wing and advises her father on matters large and small. Foreign leaders and officials know this. Countries that wish to curry favor with this powerful and influential White House official/adviser/daughter realize that writing a generous check for the cause she’s championing creates an opportunity to impress,” MSNBC reports.


But let’s keep acting like there’s nothing to see here, just the way TrumPutin wants it.

Read more at NPR and MSNBC.



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