Clowns Recognize Clowns: Antonio Brown Working Out For The Saints

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You just really have to admire the NFL’s dedication to clownery. What else can explain Antonio Brown’s possible return to the league?


NBC Sports reports that Antonio Brown is working out for the New Orleans Saints as they head into the playoffs. Brown seemingly confirmed this news after he posted a picture a workout waiver on his Instagram story. This is surprising news after the wide receiver was dropped from the Patriots earlier this season after numerous allegations of sexual assault were brought against him.

While I know the league could give a fuck about women’s brutalized bodies, I honestly thought his behavior over the summer with the Oakland Raiders would’ve been enough to do him in. In case you forgot, Brown initially couldn’t practice due to getting frostbite on his feet after forgetting to wear shoes during cyro-therapy. After the NFL changed it’s helmet guidelines he threatened to retire because he couldn’t wear his favorite helmet. At this time he was also hit with a lawsuit for $38,000 from a private chef who said Brown hadn’t paid them. Then, after being hit with a fine by the Raiders for refusing to practice over the summer he aired his business out on Twitter. This led to a heated exchange with Oakland’s General Manager Mike Maycock where he allegedly called Maycock a “cracker” and threatened to box the man. The beef was squashed until it wasn’t and Brown requested his release. He was dropped by the Raiders, picked up by the Patriots for like a week and then dropped after the rape accusation. Mind you not because he was accused of rape, the Patriots just didn’t feel like answering questions. This was all in the span of two months. 

During his time off from the league Brown has spent his days wilding on social media and apparently tying to craft a sequel to Lil Wayne’s Rebirth.

You just have to love the NFL. You can do anything in this league and still have a job. Except using your public platform to try and enact positive change in the world. That’s a no no.

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Creflow Dollars

Except he still doesnt have a job and if the Saints sign him the league will place him on the Commissioners exempt list and he’ll never play a down this season, the tone of this article doesn’t make sense to me