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The Washington Post

Retired administrative-law judge Lillian McEwen has written a memoir that includes some revealing content about her relationship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.


The Washington Post is reporting that it's "dirty. Really dirty":

McEwen's "D.C. Unmasked & Undressed" starts off as memoir of childhood abuse but evolves into twin journeys of sexual discovery and Capitol Hill careerism. The Supreme Court justice is only one of many partners whose caresses McEwen graphically recalls in NC-17 prose — he doesn't even show up until midway through — but he's singled out for special reminiscence.


The author swoons over the fit physique — "velvet-covered cement" — she says that Thomas hid under baggy suits, and kisses that "tasted like honey." We're sparing you a lot of bodice-ripping details that go way beyond the family-newspaper zone. A spokesperson for Thomas's office said the justice will not comment on the book.

Apparently the two met while they were both Hill staffers, and dated for several years. McEwen also discusses Hill's habits of checking out female colleagues and his interest in pornography.

There is surely a more mature and nuanced response to these revelations than " 'Velvet-covered cement'?! Eww!" (Something about Anita Hill, maybe? About the level of privacy a Supreme Court justice deserves? About what's been going in his head during his five years of silence during oral arguments?), but we're just not there yet. In conclusion: Eww.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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