City Councilman and Sheriff’s Deputy Tweets Racist Response to Philando Castile Settlement

Tom McBroom Sr. via Facebook

I’m rarely shocked by racism. It often angers me. But knowing you live in a world co-existing alongside such evil and hate is depressing. It’s never surprising, but it still hurts.

Take Tom McBroom Sr., for instance. Minnesota’s City Pages describes McBroom as a sergeant on the Rice County, Minn., Sheriff’s Department and a city councilman in the small town of Elysian, Minn. On his LinkedIn page, he says he is an“experienced Sergeant with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry.” According to his résumé, he is college-educated with a history at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.


He also might be the author of the meanest, most racist tweet ever.


On Wednesday, when reports surfaced that Diamond Reynolds would receive an $800,000 settlement for the death of her boyfriend and father of her child, Philando Castile, it apparently infuriated McBroom. Castile was killed by a St. Anthony, Minn., police officer in 2016 for ... ummm ... let’s just say “being not white.” The officer who shot Castile was acquitted because ... umm ... let’s just say he was “not black.”

In response to the settlement to Diamond Reynolds, McBroom tweeted Wednesday: “She needs to come off County and State Aid Now that she has some cash. It’ll be gone in 6 months on crack cocaine.”


When someone asked him what led him to his conclusion, McBroom simply replied, “History.”


I wish I had a scathing but witty remark for him. I don’t. It doesn’t anger me. It just makes me sad. This is a man who works in law enforcement. He is a city official. He is responsible for the lives of others.

He is also evil.

McBroom quickly deleted the tweet when others saw it and became outraged. When City Pages called him for an interview, McBroom denied he was either a city councilman or a sheriff’s officer, telling them: “I’m a general contractor. Wrong person. Sorry.” He called back later and retracted his first lie, admitting that it had been him, but adding: “Nowhere did I say they would spend all that money on crack. I said they would spend it in six months. At no point did I say on crack cocaine.”


He continued to tell City Pages:

I’ve seen them come to court. They’ve lost their children, but they come to court dressed to the nines with Michael Kors purses. To be frank with you, they don’t have a pot to piss in ... I see it time and time again and I just shake my head and say why wasn’t there anyone to help that person?


Rice County Chief Deputy Jesse Thomas said he will review the incident. I’m sure McBroom will suffer the same tough consequences as Jeronimo Yanez. God bless the people of Rice County who are subject to the gun-toting, small-penis, low-IQ, racist fuckwad who wishes he could wipe black people off the face of the earth.

And if you’re asking what would make me reach these unfounded conclusions about Tom McBroom, having never met the man, I will tell you why:


Read more at City Pages.

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