In a blog entry at The Root DC, editor Robert E. Pierre looks at the spirit of giving during Christmas. He interviews a pastor who says that people give in abundance during the holidays, but stop as soon as the season ends. He challenges us to continue giving long after the holidays end. 


The Rev. Clyde Ellis is conflicted this time of year.

He loves the displays of generosity during the Christmas season: meals and coats for the homeless, presents for needy children and general good cheer.


Seeing so many good things conjures warm childhood memories for Ellis, including his parents scrapping together their pennies to buy him and his siblings presents. This year his church, Mount Olive Baptist in Woodbridge, donated gifts for 100 children of inmates at the Prince William County Jail.

But something doesn’t feel quite right.

“This season is the height of hypocrisy,” he said. “The best of humanity comes out. But the other side of that story is that your motivation is the season and not the (individual being helped.) On Christmas, you offer me a turkey dinner and the day after you run me off your property.”

Our society is full of contradictions. Politicians heading into the 2012 election season will promise to work together, to stop the partisan bickering only to do the same thing they criticize others for doing. Big institutions promise to put people above all else but then fail to follow through. Think the Catholic Church and Penn State, where allegations of abuse were allowed to go unchecked for years. 

Read Robert E. Pierre's entire blog entry at The Root DC. 

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