Chris Rock's "Good Hair"


The Chris Rock documentary "Good Hair" is coming out soon to a theatre near you, but already there is significant buzz about it. It's about the relationship that women —specifically black women —- have with thier hair. I didn't really encounter hair weaves until I was in my early 20s and tried to run my hands through this one young lady's head, only to get caught up in all kinds of loops and knots along the way. Ever since, I have stayed away from women with hair-weaves: I mean, what are you hiding? who you trying to fool? And—hello?—-those things take cash money to maintain. As an adult, most of the women I have dated seriously have had natural hari-styles with maybe a dyeing hear or there. Dye, I can deal with. But the weave is a lie I can't abide. If it's a braid or cornroll style, that makes sense. But otherwise, it's like your trying to fool yourself into thinking something that isn't true, and want us all to play along. Why are black women so obsessed with "good hair?" I dunno.

I think the Rock movie will be entertaining and I know one thing: the theatres will be packed with curious white people. White folks have no idea what your hair hang-ups are, but are eager to learn. So the film will also open the door for white people to ask you stupid questions e.g. "is that all yours?" and demand to feel your hair, which is rude, right? White folks don't care. So, that means you'll be living my hair life, which has mostly been a string of dumb hair questions and rude inquiries for the last 10 or so years. Good luck with that.


Rock is on Oprah's show talking about his film.

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