Chris Brown Detained for Rape Allegations in Paris, Meeting His Weekly Arrest Quota à La Mode

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Chris Brown, aka the Child Cancel Culture Left Behind, continues to make a poor case for trash humans being able to learn and do better: He was recently arrested in Paris for allegations of aggravated rape.


A source from the French judicial system told CNN that Brown was being detained along with two other people, one apparently identified as Brown’s bodyguard, for rape and drug violations. No charges have been officially filed as of yet.

From USA Today:

The woman who filed the complaint said she met Brown and his friends at the club Le Crystal in the 17th arrondissement of northwestern Paris on Wednesday, and then they all went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel near the Concorde Plaza in central Paris, according to the official.

Details of this case are unclear, but a previous case includes allegations of Brown giving women drugs and creating a “hyper-sexualized environment.” Since this situation seems to involve drugs as well, here’s a friendly reminder, kids: Drugs and sex are a dangerous combo where consent comes into play.

Despite stints in rehab and multiple pleas and laments over the public’s ability to forgive him, Brown continues to show an inability to move past the behaviors that keep landing him in hot water. In perhaps the most mind-numbingly blatant case of “cancel culture” not really doing shit of import to anyone’s livelihoods—despite naysayers drowning in faux concern over movements like #MeToo ruining men’s careers—Chris Brown has somehow continued to thrive, make music and entertain with the love and support of diehard fans. This, despite a motherfucking laundry list of allegations of violent and patterned behaviors, notably against women he’s been intimate with.

Just last year, Brown was implicated in a rape case involving a woman allegedly being held against her will at his home, following a series of legal scuffles and documented blow-ups outside the law. At this point, this abusive-ass nigga has been “canceled” so many times people are going to start asking when he’s getting a TV reboot.

I imagine this comes as a double whammy for Breezy after being most recently relevant as a passing reference in a Soulja Boy interview. I’m actually kind of rooting for Soulja Boy to really whoop his ass this time.

Natalie Degraffinried is a senior editor for Kotaku.



Chris Brown fans are mostly young black girls. They will defend his crap to the utmost high. It’s frightening.