Childish Gambino Drops Animated Video for 'Feels Like Summer,' Featuring Our Hip-Hop Faves Hanging Out in the Coolest Neighborhood Ever

As we head towards Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer and cookout season, Childish Gambino has dropped an animated video for “Feels Like Summer,” featuring cameos from some of our hip-hop and R&B favorites.


As Gambino casually strolls down the street in what has to be the coolest neighborhood ever, we catch a glimpse of Migos playing hoops, Drake chasing Future on a bike, Azealia Banks up a tree (natch) and Travis Scott and Nicki Minaj playing together, according to the Huffington Post.

We even get a glimpse of Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Whitney Houston and Kanye weeping while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat as Michelle Obama gives him a warm, comforting embrace.

Those are just a few of the names in the celeb-filled video. The video was directed by Gambino, Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp, according to Complex.

See if you can name all the stars (shoutout to SZA, who’s also featured) in the video above. (Editor’s note: If you’re trying to watch the video on mobile, you’ll need to hit the “YouTube” logo in the bottom right corner to watch on YouTube.)

Genetta M. Adams is Managing Editor of The Root.



This was such an enjoyable video and a wavy ass song.

(wait, didn’t folk “cancel” him for some reason or another, or was it fake outrage? I can’t keep up with people and their mess)