Chiefs' Johnson Uses Gay Slurs, Is Totally Sorry For It

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Larry Johnson apparently doesn't understand the meaning of being quiet. A year after being put on probation for mushing two women in separate night club incidents, ole boy thought it would be good to air his frustrations out on Twitter—the Chiefs are 1-6 this year and he's averaging a paltry 2.7 yards per carry.


In the midst of disparaging his coach, Todd Haley, he felt it necessary to express his displeasure at one of his Twitter followers by using some sort of gay slur. Even better, Johnson did it again the next day while telling reporters he would not comment on the gay slur he'd spat the day before.


Now, of course, Larry is super sorry

"I regret my actions. The words were used by me in frustration, and they were not appropriate," he said through a spokesman. "I did not intend to offend anyone, but that is no excuse for what I said…I will do my best to learn from this one as I move toward becoming a better person, teammate, and member of the Kansas City Chiefs team and community."


Larry…we all make mistakes and say things that we regret. All of us.

But here's what bothers The Buzz. You're a millionaire and public figure who's about to turn 30 and has already been in the news for the wrong reasons.  You used a gay slur in a public forum on a place known as 'the internet'. You did this not under some clever—albeit cowardly—avatar, but as "Larry Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs runningback." People didn't overhear you shout this; they didn't maybe hear about you possibly texting it. They saw you post it on Twitter. TWITTER. You typed something terrible, looked at it and pressed 'send.' And then you used the slur again while brushing of reporters. Why the sequel was necessary is a mystery.

You're about to be 30, dude. You're already on probation for woman-mushing. You expressed your professional displeasure on the internet and accented it with a gay slur and aren't playing well enough for those people who aren't bothered by gay slurs to even think about making up some lame apology for you right now. You're literally doing NOTHING right. It seems like the choice is to either: consider you simple OR assume you just don't care (and that you are simple).

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