Chicken Soup For The Fuck-Less Soul: 10 Great Books For Those Who Give No Fucks


As President Obama is proving by the day, giving no fucks can be a liberating, freeing, and refreshing experience. In fact, if you don't feel liberated, free, and refreshed at the end of your journey to Nofucksville, you just might be in the wrong city. Perhaps you took a wrong exit and ended up in Stillkindagivingafuckpolis or Lastfuckburgh, but you're probably not where you think you are just yet. If you are there, however, it's great and its glorious. (At least that's what I've heard. I'm not there yet either.)


Unfortunately, while there are countless books and seminars and curricula and TED Talks and therapies structured around and catered to people who still give fucks, there's not much out there for people who give none to assist them on their journey. But fortunately I've been able to scour the internet, local libraries, and even a few yard sales to find a few.

The Art of Giving No Fucks

Written in the 6th century by Moon Tzu, second cousin of Sun Tzu, The Art of Giving No Fucks explains that the best way to engage opponents in order to prevail in difficult situations is to see no fucks where they see some.

Who Moved My Fucks?

A New York Times bestseller, Who Moved My Fucks? is the story of two mice who gave no fucks about their cheese, and the lessons learned from them can be applied to business.

The Tipping Point: How Little Fucks Can Make A Big Difference

This book of short and conversational stories articulates how just giving one solitary fuck can spread and influence others to also still give a fuck.


Tuesdays With Fuck-less Morrie

A writer recounts the time he spent with his now-elderly college professor, and the lessons learned from those meetings taught him how to live a fuck-less life.


Lean In and Fuck Off: Women, Work, and the Will to Relinquish Fucks

A great guide for the fuck-less 21st century White woman.

Eat, Pray, Love, and Lose Fucks

An award-winning memoir featuring a woman who had everything, but left it all behind to pursue what she really wanted: a complete and utter absence of fucks.


The Five Love Languages: How to Have Your Mate Join You On Your Fuck-less Journey

A great, great read for couples.

Think and Grow Rich With Your Picnic Basket Full Of No Fucks

This collection of stories interviews famous people who've given no fucks, helping the reader follow their fuck poor footsteps.


The Fuck-Less Road Less Traveled

While most think there's only one way to get to Nofucksville, this book informs people of alternative routes. Think of it as a fuck withheld Waze app.


You Can Heal Your Fuck-Filled Life

This book takes a metaphysical approach to removing all remaining fucks from your lifespace. Reading it is like a Bikram Yoga class, where instead of losing sweat you lose fucks.

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins)


Madame Zenobia

I would read all of the books on this post, may I submit a few more the reading pleasure of all VSBers out there -

F*** Yo Couch! - This book, written by the late Rick James, discusses how to effectively let those around you (specifically, friends) know that you give no f**** and do what the f*** you want to do at all times.

50 Shades of F***less F***ing - How to stop getting hung up on body issues, gender roles, societal norms and complexes of chexuality and get down to the get down.

F*** You Mean?! & Other Indignant Responses of the F***less Soul - This read provides those new to the f***less life with the vocab and vernacular of those well-versed in the f***less life; in order to adequately prepare them for making it clear that they DGAF.