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Chicago teachers allege discrimination: The Chicago Teachers Union has filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Wednesday alleging that layoffs last summer targeted tenured African-American teachers, who represent a third of Chicago Public Schools teachers.

Is GLAAD bullying Roland Martin? Most people may find it difficult to feel too sorry for someone who gets fired, when you compare his experience to that of gay people who deal with threats of violence because of their sexual orientation. But Mediaite's John S. Wilson says it was wrong — even "bullying" — for GLAAD to rely solely on tweets to determine whether Martin should lose his job.

Why Montel Jordan switched to gospel: Known for his undeniable hit "This Is How We Do It," singer-turned-minister Montell Jordan talked to to talk about his switch to gospel music, becoming a minister and the new album Shake Heaven.

What's going on at CPAC? Check out livestream footage of the conservative gathering from Mediaite.