Chicago Residents Come Together to Send Teen to Prom

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Video screenshot

Gage Park High School senior Shaday Gooden Brown of Chicago’s South Side was on a mission to get to prom. But she didn’t have the money to pay for her prom dress, so she decided to set up a stand to sell chips and snow cones to earn the cash. But she didn’t need to sell snacks for too long, after Quinniya Hearn randomly saw the teen and went live on Facebook June 2.


Hearn noticed Brown’s endeavors and urged others to help the teen out. And as often happens when random acts of kindness from strangers are involved, Brown’s dreams of attending the prom came true.


Hearn posted photos and videos of Brown on Facebook, and shortly thereafter, the help started rolling in.

Quiana Allen, the owner of Curve Culture Boutique, and makeup artist Janae Wesby were some of the “fairy godmothers” who helped Brown achieve her prom goals.

“I got bullied and talked about because how dark-skinned I am and how my clothes are not up-to-date,” Brown told ABC7 Chicago. “When I tried on the dress, it gave me self-confidence because I don’t have too much of that.

“I’m not used to all the attention on me. I’m like the background person,” she continued.


Brown and her boyfriend will attend prom Friday, and although she was offered a dress as a donation, Brown used the money she raised to purchase her own because it came from her own hard work.

Read more at ABC7 Chicago.

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