Chicago Rapper Sentenced to 99 Years for Putting Hit Out on Mother for Life Savings, Insurance

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Photo: Chicago Police Department

He desperately wanted to be famous—and now he is infamous for paying a thug to kill his mother, just so he could floss and launch his rap music career.


This is the tragic story of Qaw’mane Wilson, aka Young QC, a Chicago rapper.

Now 30 years old, the dreadlocks-clad lyricist will most likely die in jail after being sentenced to 99 years in prison by Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks on Jan. 31.

Eugene Spencer, who he paid to kill his mother, was hit with 100 years.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Yolanda Holmes—a beloved beauty salon owner that specialized in natural hair care —“doted on her son, an only child she lavished with fancy clothes, jewelry and a Mustang.”

At 23, the aspiring rapper wanted more than what he was getting and paid a hitman to snuff out his mom.

In a sick, twisted tale that involved a low-level hitman, Eugene Spencer, and Wilson’s girlfriend, Holmes was shot while she was asleep in her bed in September 2012.


After knocking Holmes’ boyfriend unconscious, Spencer returned to stab the woman after Wilson told him to “make sure the bitch is dead,” the outlet reported.


The “Wet Wet” rapper reportedly collected the money in his mother’s bank accounts, and in the months after her death used the funds to customize the Mustang she had given him with falcon-wing doors.

For a YouTube video, he was seen withdrawing thousands of dollars from a bank and making it rain on a crowd of people he said were fans of his rap music.

That video was played for the jury.

When throwing the book at the murderous thugs, Judge Sacks said “the word is ‘matricide,’ meaning murder of one’s own mother.”


“Whatever he wanted, his mother gave to him. A car. A job. One could say he was spoiled. She gave Qaw’mane life, and it was his choice to take it away from her,” he said.

According to published reports, prosecutors said the motive to kill his mom was to get $90,000 from her savings and collect on her life insurance policies.


When asked if he had anything to say before the judge made his ruling, the Sun-Times reports that Wilson said: “I just want to say, nobody loved my mother more than me.”

“She was all I had. That’s it,” he added.

And now she’s deadat the hands of her only son, who many said she “spoiled.”

Spoiled to deathher own death!

Holmes, 45 at the time of her murder, was a popular, community-minded figure who handed out school supplies to area children, hosted back-to-school parties and ran the busy Nappy Headz Salon, DNAInfo reported in 2014.


During that time, The Root’s very own Stephen A. Crockett, Jr. called the tragedy an example of “the hollow sadness of social media.”


“It is the ever-elusive quest for coolness that permeates decisions,” the scribe wrote. “Couple that with trumped-up masculinity, a faux national audience and a supersized sense of self, and what’s left is a philosophy among those who believe in the power of a mention.”



Just discusisng with another commenter on this very issue:

I can sense the undercurrent of hostility and contempt toward Black women. It only seems to be getting worse, running parallel to the disdain that white people are showing toward us more than ever. That contempt seems kinda like the latent racism we knew even the coolest whites had but were still surprised by its virulence’s with the little boys, teens and even young guys!

They’re raised by mostly single mothers, which is agreed to not be ideal, but there’s seems to be absolutely NO resentment or hostility toward the Black Males who abandoned them, like NONE?! How bad could being raised by someone who loves you fiercely, even if sometimes wrongly, be if it makes you want to MURDER YOUR MOTHER for simply MORE MONEY?!

Something is fundamentally lacking...