A blurred image of the child as he apparently attempts to inhale smoke from the joint.

Chicago police are looking for leads as they investigate a video that was posted to Facebook showing a toddler sitting in a diaper, apparently smoking a marijuana joint, as a man offscreen can be heard egging the child on to “smoke,” the Smoking Gun reports

A community activist reportedly tipped off the authorities yesterday, and Special Victims Unit detectives are currently trying to identify the person who filmed the video. It is not known when or where the video, which was posted to the Facebook page of a Chicago resident, was reportedthe Smoking Gun notes. 


“Well, it’s still stupidity, but at the same time I want to rush to find out who these individuals are, get them some help, because they need to be incarcerated and counseling, but I want to mainly make sure we get emergency response to find out who this child is,” the activist, identified as Andrew Holmes by Fox Chicago, told the news station

The 17-second video, which shows the actual video being shown on a cellphone, opens with the small child puffing away at something in his hand, while an adult male voice can be heard saying, “Smoke, bro. Inhale it.” The man then reaches for the joint and says, “Let me hit that, OK?"


According to the Smoking Gun, if the suspect is identified, he will face multiple charges, including child endangerment.

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